Challenges with Nineveh 90 Lead to An Unlikely Gift of Clarity

"So, while I feel I have taken some spiritual steps forward during this challenge, I also feel I have taken some spiritual steps backward." Looking forward to rebuilding my personal relationship with the Triune God, after the Nineveh 90 Challenge ends this Saturday.

“Just Being”

Recently, I attended a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) meeting.  There was a guest speaker, whose topic was about faith building with your young children.  She presented a handout, entitled, "The 5 Finger Prayer."  It was reminiscent of Pope Francis' 5 Finger Prayer, and when I looked up the Pope Francis version, I realized she modified … Continue reading “Just Being”

Trust Fall

A couple weeks back, I was bathing E.  As she was reclined, with my hand supporting her entire back and head, she looked up at me, fighting the urge to sleep.  We held each others' gaze for about a minute, and she smiled warmly - a smile which warmed my heart. It also brought up … Continue reading Trust Fall

A Lesson from Mary

The Annunciation of Our Lord commemorates the anniversary of the Archangel Gabriel appearing to the Blessed Virgin Mary, asking her to bear the Son of God into the world.  This happens on the 25th of March every year - exactly 9 months before Christmas/the birth of Jesus. This year, the Annunciation fell on Good Friday, … Continue reading A Lesson from Mary