The Road to Emmaus in My Sunday Best

All my emotions bubbled to the surface during one song reflecting on the Gospel reading... making me begin to unpack my thoughts around Jesus, and the ways He reveals Himself to all of us.

Honoring the Holy Innocents

"Today, I encourage all of us to hug our little ones a little tighter (no matter how big they have gotten), a little longer, and with a little more reflection on how fleeting life can be for us all." A post to honor the Holy Innocents...

Gentle, God-Driven Reminders

One of the beautiful components of Catholicism is the ability to receive Jesus' Flesh and Blood every day. ¬†Without going into detail, I was recently struggling with feeling disappointed in a situation, and on my way to daily Mass, realized the root of the disappointment was my pride. Imagine my surprise, when God spoke to … Continue reading Gentle, God-Driven Reminders