We All Have Our Agony in the Garden

We all have our own agony in the garden - where the pain is so deep and so intense, we may be tempted to abandon God altogether. It is in those moments we can look to Jesus Christ's example, and utter the words, "...yet, not my will but yours be done."

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Mary's yes made all things possible! As such, Jesus needed a perfect vessel through which to enter this world. God needed a perfect woman, a perfect willingness in the mother, and a perfect example for us to emulate! She *chose* to be the perfect person for the job...

Promises Made in Faith (Day 20)

In addition to my prayer life being important to my faith, so, too is the practice of my religion.  As a mother, I have been blessed to be trusted to raise and rear my children - God has given me an awesome and simultaneously daunting task of rearing children who will hopefully grow to love Him and trust … Continue reading Promises Made in Faith (Day 20)

Another Christian Role Model

Today is a pretty special day - in our family, it is my husband's birthday.  In the Catholic faith, it is also the day Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta becomes Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  So, I feel as though our family will be celebrating in style for two reasons! At a recent women's meeting, the chaplain … Continue reading Another Christian Role Model

Never Off the Clock

I love my children.  They are the beauty and joy of my day. They are also sometimes the ones that make me want to run away - back to work, or just away in general! Because, let's face it, staying home can be a demanding gig, like any other choice upon which expectations of you … Continue reading Never Off the Clock