Not My Anne – but Much More Vibrant: A Defense of “Anne with an E” on Netflix

Seen through the view of a child who is a victim of abuse and neglect, the "Anne with an E" series on Netflix provides us with a more well-rounded view of who Anne Shirley was... and, how she can be found in so many children today, if we are able to be their "Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert's." Read more for an insight into why I think all adults should view this series!

A Faith Example in the Midst of Grief

Are you familiar with Our Lady of Sorrows? If not, I think everyone should be - especially mothers! Our Lady of Sorrows is a devotion to the seven sorrows of Jesus' mom, Mary.  During her life, she experienced seven instances of intense sorrow: the prophesy of Simeon, the escape and flight into Egypt, the loss of the … Continue reading A Faith Example in the Midst of Grief

The Ultimate Role Models

Happy Feast of All Saints!!  Every November 1st, the Catholic Church gathers together during their Holy Day of Obligation (ahem, get thee to Church today) to celebrate the lives of saints!  Many other Catholic families will have their children dressing up as popular saints, but I've already established I am nowhere near being any other … Continue reading The Ultimate Role Models

Four Letter Words (Day 4)

One Lent, I decided to give up cursing.  Every time I cursed, I would owe money in a jar - the first week, it was a nickel per curse word, the second week, a dime, the third week a quarter, etc.  My husband commented on the heftiness of our donation year. Yesterday, I wrote about my children … Continue reading Four Letter Words (Day 4)