The Gratitude Project: Week 26

"I have grown in my own personal maturity, recognizing life isn't all about my desires, whether it be for my own bed space, or doing everything I want to do at the expense of the needs of those who count on me. There is an element of sacrifice that comes with parenting, and through this simple lesson, I have watched how I have responded to the small sacrifice, and embraced it, for the betterment of my children. And, while it is the smallest example, I can extend this one to the ultimate example of love and self-sacrifice I see in the Father for His own children." Want to know what spurred these deeper thoughts? Then read this past week's Gratitude Project post, up and available now! What were you most grateful for last week?

Thoughts on Eternity

The closer today's 100th Anniversary of the final apparition of Our Lady of Fatima drew, the deeper thoughts I had on the subject of eternity. It began with my post at Catholic Sistas, and ends with my thoughts here.

Coffee Thoughts this Nineveh 90

"As I choke down the bitterness of the coffee, I reflect on my small sacrifice. I reflect on the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. I reflect on how God's Mercy impacts me every day. I reflect on my faith and relationship with God." How a small sacrifice of creamer in my coffee has helped me grow spiritually during the N90 Challenge.

My Approach to Motherhood (Day 27)

I have been binge-watching several televisions shows in the past couple months, courtesy of Netflix.  Earlier this week, I touched briefly on a theme that keeps coming back to me, through Hollywood, and other outlets, and that is the theme of selfishness, and how life isn't all about me. The word for today: Selflessness. Lately, … Continue reading My Approach to Motherhood (Day 27)

I’m Becoming One of “Those” Catholic Moms!

This past week we celebrated the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It was also a day Cardinal Burke was asking for faithful Catholics to make reparations for a planned Black Mass by satanists, and a desecration of a Marian statue following. Although it was a Feast Day, I chose to focus on the aspect … Continue reading I’m Becoming One of “Those” Catholic Moms!