The Gratitude Project: Week Three

This week's The Gratitude Project identifies one thing which is seemingly minor and insignificant, but plays a huge (positive) impact on our family's functioning! Don't miss it... and, don't forget to let me know in the comments - for what are you most grateful this week?

God’s Love & Mercy

For nine seasons, Americans spent countless hours watching a television show that can be summarized by one phrase: "God loves you."  Toward the end of every episode, from 1994-2003, every week viewers would watch one of the three angels on the series Touched by an Angel remind their viewers that God loves them. Recently, I found myself … Continue reading God’s Love & Mercy

Guardians Over Us

Catholic teaching maintains that, at the moment of conception, a Guardian Angel is assigned to each one of us, and follows us, here to guide us and guard us, until we die and are reunited with God in His Heavenly Home. They have a special job, and as I was thinking of my Guardian Angel … Continue reading Guardians Over Us