Intentional, Liturgical Blogging?

"So, now, I have to sit down and align my blogging calendar with yet another calendar, to ensure I don't miss out on any fun Catholic Church celebration days. And, in the future, I now know to not take the week off from blogging after Christmas. Because, there are just way too many cool days of celebration during that week!" A little bit of extra work is needed to ensure I stick with my "Catholic mommy blogger" roots.

A Key & Essential Skill for Mothers (Day 24)

I am a busy lady - not as busy as I could be, but I'm keeping myself out of trouble!  And, I am proud to say, although still working to perfect my priorities, I am doing better at staying busy  while keeping my family at the forefront of my obligations. Today's word is: Multitasking. Moms … Continue reading A Key & Essential Skill for Mothers (Day 24)

Not Missing My Watches

Time. Everybody wants it; nobody has it. Even with flexibility to plan my schedule, I often feel as though I have no time - no time to blog, no time to read, no time to clean, no time to pray.  However, that feeling of having little time is one based on very little fact.  The truth … Continue reading Not Missing My Watches

Finding A Balance

I have often agreed with the critique that American families are overworked and over scheduled.  The cultural expectation of being, "on the go," at all times is one that saddens me, because it allows for very little time to stop and smell the roses, both literally and figuratively. As such, my husband and I decided … Continue reading Finding A Balance