How to “Advent Like a Boss”: A Review of “Until I Rest in You,” and a Family Based Project

Being intentional about living in the season of Advent before Christmas lead me to 2 different product reviews - one for the mama, one for the family! Check 'em out, and let me know... how do *you* plan to Advent Like a Boss this year?

Chronic Illness & Mercy Epiphany

"As a mother, I can't be everything to everybody. There comes a time where I have to recognize my limitations, and model self-compassion to my children. I have to let myself off the hook, and recognize I can only do so much. If mothers aren't willing to be merciful toward ourselves, and we aren't able to be compassionate to ourselves from time to time, how can we fully extend compassion and mercy to others?" How an ordinary "simple" dental procedure has reminded me to be merciful and compassionate toward myself.

Self-Care & My Sunday Best

"And, let me tell you - the weight I have experienced the past few months, both literally and figuratively, seemed to melt away." How a simple hair cut can lift one's mood, and My Sunday Best post.

What About My Husband?

A couple weeks back, I shared about going to recharge my batteries, and giving myself permission to do so.  I followed it up with some low- to no-cost ways to take a mini-retreat. Since then, I have spent a great deal of time ruminating on someone else who deserves a break, or some time off. … Continue reading What About My Husband?

Low- to No-Cost Mama Spoiling

On Thursday, I wrote about how I was going away for a weekend, and that it was okay for me to allow myself that time.  This past weekend was nice - the ladies I spent time with are ladies I treasure. However nice it was to get away, I started thinking about the mamas that … Continue reading Low- to No-Cost Mama Spoiling