Back-to-School: A Guide to the Best Inspiration for the Christian Mom

"We, as moms, strive to be everything to everyone. We try to make home as comforting as possible, we try to ensure our children are ready for whatever life may present, and we try to create a life where memories are made. Sometimes, we have to also recognize when we are in need of a little inspiration, whether it is inspiration for ourselves, or the other mama in the thick of things." In this post, I tackle some ideas to perhaps plant a mustard seed to help evangelize and uplift the mama who is ready to embrace the "Back to School" change!

The Gratitude Project: Week Five

Have you ever shopped with Chase the Police Pup? If not, I highly recommend it! This week, I share insight into my Gratitude Project - acknowledging the "days are long, but the years are short."

A Little Shopping Fun

I am not a creative mom.  I don't have creative ideas, nor do I particularly enjoy learning a new craft.  While I can do crafts, I don't particularly find them relaxing because I want a certain, almost unattainably perfect outcome every time I craft.  I routinely rely on others to come up with creative tips … Continue reading A Little Shopping Fun