The Gratitude Project: Week Nineteen

I typically don’t write about my CFS. But, there are definitely times in my life where I realize some things, when life is going well, that are taken for granted. Today’s Gratitude Project addresses one such instance. What are you grateful for this week?

Small Word, Short Post (Day 8)

I am tired.  More accurately, I am exhausted.  Every fiber of my being wants to curl up under the covers and slumber peacefully, in the hopes that my muscle strength and energy return upon awaking. The word for today is: Sleep. For years, when asked what my favorite hobby was, I would respond with one … Continue reading Small Word, Short Post (Day 8)

My Advice to New Parents

The past two of four nights, I have not slept in my bed.  And, on any of the various the nights I have slept in my bed, my husband and I find ourselves accompanied by little humans, even when they start the evening in their own beds. Experts claim when small humans are on the … Continue reading My Advice to New Parents

I’m Not Tired!

I have spent the better part of a week now trying to get this new blog up and running.  After successfully testing the, "schedule," feature on this new site, I have been attempting to play around with the interface, and polishing up articles to schedule to post. I have been trying to do this while … Continue reading I’m Not Tired!