A Simple Invitation: A Lesson Learned this Advent Season

"Advent is a time where we are encouraged to go deeper into a relationship with God - to take what faith you have been given, and to go deeper." Today, I explore some of the deep, intense thoughts which have plagued my mind for several weeks - and, hopefully impart some inspiration from a dear friend, as well as some I have found while spending time in prayer.

Missing Time with God

My husband recently described this PCS perfectly when he explained to a friend, "this move has been a comedy of errors."  Again, echoing sentiments of a previous post about this move, whatever can go wrong, has gone wrong.  That said, by looking at it in light of a comedy, I have been able to easily roll … Continue reading Missing Time with God

Thoughts for Faith-Based Parenting

Our most recent bedtime story has been the book Shine: Choices to Make God Smile. If you know our family in person, and see us out and about, and hear me asking M if he is wanting to, "shine," this is the reason - for whatever reason, this story really resonated with him! The book breaks … Continue reading Thoughts for Faith-Based Parenting