Living, Gifting, Spending – Intentionally

I am no longer interested in keeping up with the hustle and bustle of consumerism. Will you join me in "Living, Gifting, Spending - Intentionally"?

Divine Mercy Sunday!

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday.  It's a "new," celebration in the Catholic Church, only having been designated a special Sunday a few decades ago.  (**Edit based on today's homily: it is not a new celebration.  St. Thomas Aquinas wrote about celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday as the first Sunday after Easter, too.**) I can't claim to … Continue reading Divine Mercy Sunday!

Divine Mercy Epiphany

I didn't do traditional "church things," on Good Friday this year.  Instead, Good Friday seemed to follow my entire Lenten journey for the year - it was lackluster. I failed to remember our chapel was holding a noon service on Good Friday, so instead of taking my squirmy preschooler and strapping the baby to me … Continue reading Divine Mercy Epiphany