Upholding Womanhood: A Book Review of Super Girls and Halos

"Being able to recognize the history and the role women have played is something which must be focused-on and highlighted. Being able to point to heroines, both fictional and real, makes our examination much easier, as they show us a model of womanhood which we do not see typically emulated in our secular society today. Growing in justice, prudence, fortitude, and temperance can serve to strengthen each of us, if we can stay true to who God made us to be.  And, through it all, we can begin to reclaim the "genius of women" from the detractors in the larger society around us." In today's post, I review the most recent book by Ms. Maria Morera Johnson, Super Girls and Halos. Please read more on how this book highlights some fantastic women - both fictional and saintly counterparts - and the lessons they hold for womanhood today.