Starting at Home: Be the Change You Want to See

"And, if you are a spouse or parent, and the world is heavy right now, impacting your ability to be a kind, gracious, patient spouse or parent, this Catholic mom and blogger gives you permission to walk away from the negativity. Turn off the television, or turn it to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or reruns of Mr. Rogers. Walk away from social media for a while." In today's piece, I tackle the weight of the world - and share an important reminder of how our roles impact us... and, impact the world. Change starts at home.

Leading Family in the Faith: A Book Review of The Catholic Family Book of Prayers

"We are quickly approaching the conclusion of the Advent season and the kickoff of the Christmas season. This is the perfect gift to have under the tree for a mom or dad - or, as a family gift. It is the perfect gift for helping readers to deepen their faith and, perhaps, to craft that perfect  "spiritual resolution" for the New Year." Today's post reviews a phenomenal book for all Catholic parents - designed to assist parents in being their children's primary catechists! Don't miss this review of a fantastic resource!

6 Ways I’m Teaching My Children the Beauty of the Catholic Faith

"As a mother, I would like to force them to choose the path which will make it to heaven... But, that is where I must rely on my faith, the steps I outlined above, and turn my desire to control everything in their future over to the One who made it all possible." Today's response to the CWBN Blog Hop topic of "Keeping Our Kids Catholic."

Keeping Advent, Advent!

Advent season is right around the corner! And, I don't feel prepared at all. Advent is a time of preparation.  Specifically, preparation to celebrate the birth of Christ.  In an increasingly secular world, there is a push to have Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving - in a couple stores, there were Christmas decorations out the week before … Continue reading Keeping Advent, Advent!

Confessions of This Catholic Mommy Blogger

My heart has been heavy for a while now.  Trying to be a Catholic Mommy blogger is not an easy feat, especially when I feel like a poser. Confessions of this Catholic Mommy blogger: ~I don't make my son pray before meals!  I once listened to a segment of "The Catholic Guy, Lino Rulli" on SiriuxXM … Continue reading Confessions of This Catholic Mommy Blogger