Advent Parenting Success

"Intentional Parenting" may not see me completing a Jesse Tree this year, but at least it's facilitating lifelong lessons for my impressionable children.

Calling “Cadence”

This past week has been one of the busiest in months - my husband and I are new homeowners, and are trying to move from the old house to our new home!  Combine the move with a loss of my phone's "hard drive," and I all but disappeared from the face of the earth. But, … Continue reading Calling “Cadence”

Not Missing My Watches

Time. Everybody wants it; nobody has it. Even with flexibility to plan my schedule, I often feel as though I have no time - no time to blog, no time to read, no time to clean, no time to pray.  However, that feeling of having little time is one based on very little fact.  The truth … Continue reading Not Missing My Watches