The Gratitude Project: Week Nine

"I once worked for a boss who--upon realizing she was the only non-dog person in our section of ten employees--surmised, 'I was once told that dogs don't have personalities. But, after listening to you trade stories, I'm beginning to think that's wrong.'" My weekly gratitude project, while short, is still important to me. What are you grateful for this week?

The Gratitude Project: Week Eight

My husband is not deployed, but today's Gratitude Project goes into depth into some of the feelings that accompany deployment... and, requests readers to remember those who *are* deployed. It also brings up something for which I am deeply grateful this week.

The Gratitude Project: Week Five

Have you ever shopped with Chase the Police Pup? If not, I highly recommend it! This week, I share insight into my Gratitude Project - acknowledging the "days are long, but the years are short."

JEI 2: Thanksgiving

"My Turkey Day Menu, Which Famous Person I'd Invite for Thanksgiving Dinner (hint: there are two answers), & 3 Things for Which I am Thankful" (hint: one of them is you) are all answered in this JEI post! Happy Thanksgiving!