Jesus Was A Threenager, Too!

This past Mothers' Day, I was sitting in church, finishing the hymn we'd sung while having children adorn the statue of Mary with her fresh flower crown.  I was also simultaneously corralling a squirly, squirmy threenager, who had, on the way into church, been informed by his dad the threenager forfeited all television and iPad … Continue reading Jesus Was A Threenager, Too!

Perspective with a Threenager

Parenting a three year old is not for the faint of heart.  When I was growing up, there was the designation of the Terrible Twos.  Then, when I was in grad school, I overheard Terrible Twos, Troublesome Threes. Most recently, in the past couple years, there has been a rise in the term "Threenager."  And, … Continue reading Perspective with a Threenager