Is the Lack of Quiet Really Bad?

As I look back on just how *loud* this month was, I am reminded that the kiddos are only little once, and I need to relish this time of littleness, and remind them both I love them ... even if there is no quiet time in our home.

Beautiful Sounds of Communication

Years ago, I was a housemother in a children's home.  At the time, I noticed many of the teenagers' best discussions with me were when we were in the car, driving around town - boys and girls alike seemed to open up and spill their thoughts on life, what was happening in school and with friends, … Continue reading Beautiful Sounds of Communication

Dishes Are My Nemesis

I abhor doing dishes.  My hatred of that chore borders on pathological.  And, while I dislike laundry, I will say the disdain I have for dishes outweighs the emotions I have about laundry. In our early marriage, my hatred of dishes might have caused a little bit of friction.  But, we made an arrangement that, … Continue reading Dishes Are My Nemesis