Questioning How Instead of Why

"As I slowly began to acknowledge His will be done, I also began realizing it is through His desires that He will help me. If I am willing to accept His will, and if I am willing to allow Him to equip me. If I am willing to be open to His guidance." We all struggle at times with a "why" when it comes to God's will. In today's piece, I encourage us all to reframe those moments, based on my current struggle, to seek a "how" to best live His will for our lives. How can we each allow Him to lead us Home?

#WorthRevisit: Mary, Were You Scared?

In tackling a #WorthRevisit post, four days prior to Christmas, I realized - thinking Mary might have been slightly nervous makes her more real to me. It allows me to see her as a human; she was the most important tool God could use to send His Son to earth, but she was fully human, too.

A Reflection of My Prayer Life

I abhor whining.  Typically, when I hear a child whining, it invokes the same cringe one exhibits when they hear nails on a chalkboard.  I don't know why I can't stand it, but I have always been that way. Imagine my pleasant surprise when my oldest was not a whiner.  Instead, he seemed to automatically know … Continue reading A Reflection of My Prayer Life

Trust Fall

A couple weeks back, I was bathing E.  As she was reclined, with my hand supporting her entire back and head, she looked up at me, fighting the urge to sleep.  We held each others' gaze for about a minute, and she smiled warmly - a smile which warmed my heart. It also brought up … Continue reading Trust Fall

Peter Did What?!

A couple Sundays ago, the readings for Mass included the Gospel of John (21:1-19).  In that passage, Jesus asks Simon Peter if Peter loves Our Lord.  Peter is asked this question three times, forcing Peter to answer in the affirmative three separate times.  Every time I have heard this reading, I am struck by how … Continue reading Peter Did What?!