Unique, Individual, Beautiful… (Day 31)

This past month has been a whirlwind of posting for me.  The 31 Day Writing Challenge is no joke!  But, it's been a fun challenge, and I hope to participate again next year, maybe with a little advanced planning.  I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to those who cheered me on, encouraged my … Continue reading Unique, Individual, Beautiful… (Day 31)

Taking A Knee to Assess Goals (Day 30)

It is so difficult in today's world to get caught up - in living hectic lives filled with kids' sports, in living lives meant to create memories, in living lives that are more focused on material desires.  It is so hard to take a moment and realign our priorities at times, and sometimes we don't want … Continue reading Taking A Knee to Assess Goals (Day 30)

Life Lessons to Carry On (Day 29)

Today has been a whirlwind of activity.  Since October has flown by, I kind of put the pumpkin patch on the back burner.  Last Sunday, I realized this holiday season is my daughter's round of firsts - first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, and first New Year.  It made me think of a word my … Continue reading Life Lessons to Carry On (Day 29)

How Would Society Look…? (Day 28)

I have always said single parents are my heroes.  Their ability to work full-time, raise their children, and provide for their children is amazing and inspiring.  Every now and then, as a military wife, I am challenged to be a, "geographically single parent," but I know those times have limits on them, and even on … Continue reading How Would Society Look…? (Day 28)

My Approach to Motherhood (Day 27)

I have been binge-watching several televisions shows in the past couple months, courtesy of Netflix.  Earlier this week, I touched briefly on a theme that keeps coming back to me, through Hollywood, and other outlets, and that is the theme of selfishness, and how life isn't all about me. The word for today: Selflessness. Lately, … Continue reading My Approach to Motherhood (Day 27)